Diet For Kidney Stones: What Diet To Follow When You Have Kidney Stones

Diet For Kidney Stones: What Diet To Follow When You Have Kidney Stones

Kidney stone formation can be caused by many factors and one common factor is diet. The others factors may be heredity, weight, environment, and even the fluid intake. Food plays a vital role in our lives because the body uses foods as a source of energy and for tissue repair. Foods are processed in the stomach and the nutrients that the body need are taken. After this the waste products found in the bloodstream are then carried to the kidneys and comes out of the body in the form of urine. These waste products from certain foods may cause crystal formation that becomes stones which can block the urinary track. For individuals with kidney stones the main priority is preventing the development of additional stones. For those who don’t have kidney stones at the moment the main priority is to prevent the development of the stones. To prevent additional kidney stone formation or better yet, prevent the occurrence of kidney stones from the start an individual is advised to follow a specific diet for kidney stones.

What you need to know before planning a diet for kidney stones patients:

  • Diet followed by an individual can either promote or prevent kidney stone formation.
  • There are different types of kidney stones. Each type of kidney stone requires a different diet for kidney stones foods plan to be followed. To know what type of kidney stone you have it is recommended consult the doctor. After the doctor have determined the type of kidney stone a person has, the help of the dietician is beneficial and highly recommended in planning the diet for kidney stones avoidance and as well as to lower the risk of additional kidney stones formation.
  • Water intake is the most crucial things to do in order to prevent kidney stones and as well as help in passing kidney stones.

In kidney stone prevention, how much water intake is needed?

Included in the important points for planning a diet for kidney stones reduction is water intake. With or without kidney stones, it is important to drink enough water each day. If you have kidney stones it is recommended that you drink enough water and as well as other fluids that can amount to producing urine of at least 2 quarts every day.

There are even doctors who instruct patients to measure the volume of urine by collecting such in 24 hours. Measuring the amount of urine can help the doctor determine if the patient should need to increase water intake.

Water intake is also affected by factors such as weather and a person’s level of activity. People who works or do exercises frequently and stays in areas with hot weather should drink more fluids because they lose more fluids through sweat. Enough water is required to replace those that come out of the body and as well as to dilute the urine in order to flush away the waste products that can trigger the kidney stone formation. This is why a diet for kidney stones prevention requires enough water intakes no matter what type of kidney stones you might have.

Are there fluids that should not be included in a diet for kidney stones?

Yes, there are fluids that should be avoided when preventing and passing kidney stones. Two of which are grapefruit juice and as well as dark colas for according to studies they can increase calcium oxalate kidney stone formation.

Why is it important to know what type of kidney stone a person has?

Again, each type of kidney stone requires a different type of diet for kidney stones plan. The diet plan should include foods that can lessen kidney stone formation and help in passing the kidney stones. And exclude foods that can increase the stone formation. What foods should be avoided? Determining the foods that should be avoided will depend on the cause and the type of kidney stones. Consult the doctor for determining the type and cause of kidney stones before planning a diet plan. Should you need help in planning the diet for kidney stones you can ask a dietician to help you.

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